Crystals and Fossils----------------This new site, run by Dave and Shirley, offers crystals and fossils from international localities.

Palaeo Jo's ----------------------------Jo and Pete's site. This UK company offers a wide selection of quality fossils, minerals and jewellery.

Sheppey Fossils ---------------------This superb site shows the large variety of fossils that can be found in the London Clay on the Isle of Sheppey.

Jurassic Coast ------------------------This site is the largest on-line resource dedicated to the Jurassic Coast of Dorset and East Devon.

UK Fossils Network-----------------A mine of useful information! This non-profit fossil portal is dedicated to beginners and enthusiasts.

Discovering Fossils ------------------This site is bursting with useful information! Including information on localities, preparation, equipment and more.

PaleoPublications ---------------------This site specialises in rare and out-of-print books on palaeontology, geology and other natural history subjects.

Echinologica ---------------------------Eric's site. This is an excellent French site that is a must for those interested in sea urchins or echinoderms.

Fossils of the Gault Clay-------------This interesting site covers the fossils of the Gault Clay and Folkestone Beds of Kent, South-East England.

Amber ABG----------------------------This excellent polish site specialises in amber inclusions and other polish fossils.

Ken Mannion ---------------------------Ken's site. A must for fossil preparation tools and equipment.

The Crystal Cave ----------------------A UK company whose Web site offers 'Fossils On-Line'. A good selection from the UK and overseas.

Fossils UK ------------------------------Byron's site. Another UK company with an excellent selection of British fossils (based in Whitby).

Steve's Fossil Shark Teeth Inc.--------Steve's site specialises in fossil shark teeth. In particular teeth from the Carcharocles megalodon.

Beyond 2000BC ------------------------Will's site. Not fossils but an excellent site presenting the prehistoric skill of flint knapping. Worth a look!

Lyme Regis Fossil Walks---------------Brandon's site shows some of the nice fossils that can be found on the Dorset coast.